1. How old is your company?
We have been in business for over 100 years! We invite you to check out our history.
2. How long have you been in the Private Label business?
We started private labeling OTC Drugs, Vitamins and Skin Care products for independent pharmacies in 1935!
3. Are you an FDA approved company?
Yes. We follow all cGMP guidelines and procedures as recommended by the FDA.
4. What is your quality statement?
5. Who are your customers?
Our customers include independent pharmacies, co-op pharmacies, specialty shops and smaller chain drug/grocery stores.
1. How many Private Label products do your offer?
We offer 57 OTC Drug, 71 Dietary Supplement, 17 Herbal Nutritional and 13 Skin Care products. Many products are offered in multiple sizes as well.
2. Do you also offer controlled label products?
Yes, we offer “Vita Plus” brand dietary supplements, “Natural” brand herbals and “Chamberlain” brand skin care products.
3. What are the main categories of the products you offer?
a. Private Label
i. OTC Drugs
ii. Dietary Supplements
iii. Herbals
iv. Skin Care
b. Controlled Label 
i. “Vita Plus” brand Dietary Supplements
ii. “Natural” brand Herbals
iii. “Chamberlain” brand Skin Care
4. What are the minimum quantities for each product? 
a. 6 or 12 per item for private label
b. 3 per item for controlled label
5. How will I get my logo/name on the products I buy?
We incorporate your store logo/name information along with phone number, website etc. in your label. Whenever you place an order, we will process your custom labels on demand and ship
6. What is your recommendation for building my brand?
We recommend carrying a complete line of products to enjoy complete success with your private label.
7. What are the benefits of my own brand?
a. A branded store enjoys a higher market valuation.
b. See detailed Private Label benefits
8. Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, for orders over $400.
9. How long does it take to ship the products?
The products are usually shipped in 2-5 business days.
10. Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes. Please check with your sales rep or contact us.